Who We Are

Bellevue School is a private ,mixed nursery and primary, day school. The 8-4-4 syllabus of education is offered. Was started in January 1991 as a nursery school. Primary class one was started in January 1992.The first KCPE examination was done in 1999.

Is fully registered with the Ministry of Education.

The main objective of starting the school was to provide a solid education foundation that would adequately prepare the learner for the National examinations ahead and also enable the learner to cope with daily life challenges.

In pursuit of this objective, the school has provided good facilities conducive to all areas of child development. Well qualified, mature and experienced staff are employed. The school actively involves parents in education of their children through the PTA( Parents, Teachers Association) forum.

The school provides many learning opportunities to discover and nurture talents in children.

OUR MOTTO  – In pursuit of perfection.

OUR VISION – To be one of the best school in Kenya in both discipline and academic affairs.

OUR MISSION – To provide high quality all round education at affordable rates. To mould students to become self-reliant and responsible citizens.

Operating Principles

1. Maintaining and promoting the highest standards of professionalism.
2. Giving individual attention to the all learners.
3. Guiding and counseling children with learning challenges.
4. Empowering staff through seminars and workshops.
5. Sensitize parents on their role in all round education.
6. Being transparent and accountable in provision of services.
7. Handling our stakeholders with dignity, courtesy and utmost respect.
8. Treating information provided by our stakeholders with integrity.
9. Giving back to society by engaging in community social activities.

“Bellevue School has always  believed education is the key  to success and we strive towards excellence in Pursuit of Perfection.”

Mrs. Charity W. Kamau, Co-Founder